Does it feel like there are never-ending people and team issues in your work environment? 

Are your days spent dealing with conflict, under-performance, skills gaps and poor attitudes instead of being able to get on with the work and produce great results.

We specialise in helping leaders increase their ability to deal with people and team issues in order to develop a culture of cohesion and performance.  

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"WaterNSW (and previously the Sydney Catchment Authority) have worked with Transform Leader Pty Ltd in a number of significant change areas for us centered around supporting our development and implementation a corporate culture change program.

Transform Leaders have assisted the newly formed organisation (WaterNSW) to develop a set of corporate values, through conducting workshop designed and facilitated by them throughout the organisation.

Craig Farmer (C.E.O) has always been able to engage effectively with a wide range of WaterNSW staff and ensure that the sessions have impact and relevance for the staff involved. Craig is able to understand and quickly come up to speed with corporate issues and develop open and engaging relationships with our staff.

Transform Leaders have frequently been called upon to conduct other work in the areas of: Leadership Coaching, Teamwork Development and training programs on various topics. All of these have been very well received.

Craig has always been very responsive and insightful into what concerns or issues our staff may be experiencing across the many sites we work from.

I would highly recommend Craig for work with other organisations in the areas of Culture Development, Leadership Development and Team Development."Fiona Smith, Water NSW

"Craig Farmer, Transform Leaders, has been working with the Society for a number of years. He has assisted us to progress a number of strategic initiatives which has seen very positive outcomes for the Society.

He also has worked with the Society’s executive team, senior leadership team and a number of different operational teams to build critical skills to deliver on the Society’s goals and priorities. Some of the skills include: visioning, strategic thinking, presentation, team leadership and creating collaboration.

As skilled trainer, presenter and facilitator Craig is able to relate to people easily and help leaders and their teams move forward in critical and practical ways.

We intend to continue to use Transform Leaders within the Society and highly recommend them to others, especially within the not-for-profit sector." - Dianne Lucas, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent De Paul Society, NSW

"Craig helped our team discover our strengths and weaknesses and made us self-aware of our individual behaviour and how this impacts team dynamics.   When we first met Craig Farmer, our team scored ourselves a 4/10; after three sessions of working with Craig, we scored ourselves an 8/10.

Craig is inspiring and motivating and professionally unpacked the key issues and gave us achievable solutions to overcome these problems.

 I highly recommend him and would look forward to working with Craig in the future." 

Amanda Scali. Team Leader @ Ability Links; St Vincent De Paul Society

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the success achieved by the Turbomeca Australasia senior management team as a result of the training provided by you in early May.

The key objectives of the training were to:

1. Build our team cohesion and unity.

2. Develop our leadership knowledge and skills.

3. Facilitate our clarity about our vision for the next phase of TAA.

Each of these objectives were met or surpassed in a supportive and constructive environment. In fact, the training brought our team to a depth of relationship that has transpired into a deeper trust of each member and an increased ease and openness that is evident on a daily basis."

Stewart Noel, Managing Director @ Turbomeca Australasia



What employees want more than anything is clarity. Clarity about direction, strategy and vision is one of the most critical components for success. Our strategic planning and facilitation services will help you and your team, whether an executive or program team, get clear and committed together. Click to read more...

“I’ve been involved in many strategic planning sessions throughout my 40 years with companies such as IBM, the process and skills that Craig has displayed have been the best I have experienced.” Bruce M  


Everything rises and falls from leadership. Whether you are a new leader, wanting to increase the leadership skills of those in the organisation or an experienced leader there is always more to learn and develop in.

Our leadership coaching and training programs will help you take the next steps in your leadership journey and empower you to lead those around you with more tools which will lead to greater confidence and effectiveness.



A program designed to change the dynamics and put the team on the road to high performance. Often the issues are persistent and seemingly intractable therefore we utilise a multi-pronged approach to diagnose, facilitate clarity, resolution and increase team skill levels. Click to read more


The best team, like a high performance car, needs an annual tune up to keep it humming. This program helps you identify the growth areas and builds on the strengths already in the team. We help good teams become great teams…Click to read more...


Setting up the right "platform" when you are starting a team is crucial to its success. Whether you have one new member or are setting up a new team, it is important to invest the time and effort to clarify expectations, set up purpose, vision, accountability and the norms. Click to read more...

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If, after completing our training programs, you feel there is no change at all,  then we will waive our fee for the services provided.