This is for organisations that are moving from developing a strategic plan to using it as a management tool to guide decision making from CEO to team member.

Effective execution is the heartbeat of a strategic management process and critical to keeping your plan alive. Are you ready to move your plan into action? You’ve spent the time, energy and resources to develop a solid plan, but now what? How are you going to roll it out? How are you going to train your team to use the system? What reports should be used? Does everyone know their roles and responsibilities? Let us help!

For the best results, our Implementation Workshop will train each functional level on how to use the strategic plan in daily work, what their role is in the strategic management process and how to use OnStrategy as a tool to support their efforts so everyone knows what to do when.

In addition to the Implementation Workshop we can also help you setup and get started with Onstrategy. A state of the art online Strategic Planning tool that will increase productivity and accountability within your Organisation.


Ideal for organisations planning on-site or off-site strategic planning meetings or retreats.

We understand that there comes a time when external facilitation is the ideal option for developing a strategic plan. As startegic planning experts and trained coaches, our team is skilled to facilitate outcomes that will truly make a difference in your organisation including:

Vision and Mission Development

Big ideas bring about big discussions. We have a repertoire of exercises for visioning and mission building. We recognize when the input gets divergent, and steer the conversation toward just what needs to be addressed when reaching for the stars

External Stakeholder Outreach

Acknowledging the power of your external stakeholders’ opinions and positions is key to keeping your planning process tracking.

Absolute Clarity and implementation strategies

Contact Craig Farmer to find out more or set a time Craig@transformleader.com.au


Ideal for leaders, new business owners and managers that are new to developing strategic or business plans.

Unsure about what steps to take? Need a little extra help? We regularly get questions from CEOs, department managers and team leaders who are not sure what an effective planning process looks like. Having a process that is successful requires rigour and consistency around choosing the right objectives, structuring supporting goals, measuring what matters and following through on it.


  • An unbiased, third party assessment of your organisation’s readiness to embark on a strategic planning initiative including a review     of your Vision, Mission and SWOT review
  • A briefing on the strategic planning process and how to use Onstrategy to set up your plan, assign responsibilities to your team and     track your progress.
  • An outline of the strategic plan structure that best fits your organisation, so you’ll have an effective template to build from.

What’s Included:

  • Customised Strategic Plan Structure - Identify the long-term strategic priorities for your organisation with our guidane.  We'll set        up the initial structure of the strategic plan in Onstrategy.
  • Consultation - We accomplish the above outcomes through consultation with a dedicated Onstrategy adviser.  Get answers to your      questions through consulting sessions. 
  • Examples, templates and worksheets - We will provide these based on your needs if applicable

Contact Craig Farmer to find out more or set a time Craig@transformleader.com.au