The 7 team effectiveness killers​

Today leaders are struggling with big questions such as how do I build team performance, keep talent and build a positive team environment.

Download this free report that helps you identify and overcome the 7 common team killers.

  • Do you find that you’re not sure how to deal with certain team members?
  • Do have team members who aren’t pulling their weight or getting on?
  • Are you frustrated by a lack of engagement and ‘teamwork’?
  • Are your team meetings unproductive?

You know how teams can be fantastic – you can achieve so much more when you are in a great team. But we also know that teams can be really problematic, frustrating and plain painful.

We want to give you some insights and tools to change the difficult parts and extend the great parts!

We live to help teams and leaders feel confident, be productive and reduce stress. We have put together two great resources to help you lead or be involved in your team…

We created the Turbocharge Your Team program to help you and your team be—and stay—at your best.


It is a powerhouse program. It condenses knowledge and ideas others take years to figure out (if ever) into one dynamic, easy to access, jam-packed full of value program.

In the program is all the things I wished someone had shown me in one place about how to be a great team leader. If you are a new team leader or very experienced you will find information, exercises and activities which will accelerate your abilities to lead your team.

Unique to this program you’ll discover:

  • Step-by-step activity guides that will accelerate your teams development
  • Insights into why individuals and the team are acting like they are.
  • Concrete development ideas for you and your team.



There is so much information out there on leadership, teams and culture. I just didn’t have time to go through it all.

I went searching for a book, a course, a manual that could help me with the practical skills and the conceptual understanding of leading a great team. I had to buy so many books and programs, and even then there were gaps in the information. It just wasn’t practical enough. I wanted something that I could implement a hour after I heard or learnt it.

I understood that “as the leader goes, so goes the team”. The more tools, skills and insights I had the more the team could flourish. Not only would that reduce my stress, and increase my confidence. I knew the team would be more productive and enjoy their work environment.


"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail" - Abraham Maslow

Thankfully there is a new approach and answer.

Imagine having a range of tools and activities that you can use within the various day-to-day work situations.

  • Tools that help people stay focused
  • Tools that reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and tensions blowing up to be conflicts
  • Tools that help your team collaborate and make effective decisions
  • Tools that help you build trust and cooperation
  • Tools that help you innovate across your team
  • Tools that help you build effective communications and meetings
  • Tools that create a culture of high performance and accountability.


At the heart of our approach are nine core habits that Transformational Group has identified in working with many teams, across many industries and organisations. We know what stops a team in its tracks and what gives them an extra advantage. We’ve isolated the problems and patterns, and developed tried-and-true methods that help teams see, believe, think, and act more effectively.

Inspired by the methods and techniques we’ve used with leadership teams at multi-national companies, government and not-for-profit organisations we are now making available to new and existing teams our insights and research to help you lead with excellence.

Unlike conventional team-building approaches, which often focus on a narrow slice of team dynamics, Turbocharge your team takes a systemic approach—helping your team work better together and do better work.

Imagine what your work life could be….

Take a minute now to imagine how life would change when you start leading a ‘smarter’ team.

  • You will be more present and less distracted when at home. 
  • Your partner will notice that you are more optimistic, happier and relaxed.
  • You’ll have a team where they hold each other to standards of behaviour and performance, not just you.
  • You will have a team where they are engaged in solving the problems you face with commitment and enthusiasm.
  • You won’t be sucked into conflicts and personnel management
  • You wont be so stressed to do because you can confidently delegate
  • Your team meetings will run smoothly and wont feel like a waste of time for anyone.
  • Each team member understands their place and their priority.


The program has 4 components:

1. FUNDAMENTALS: You the Leader and team dynamics

2. PLANS: Creating strategic clarity and alignment

3. PEOPLE: Building emotional intelligence and dealing with people

4. PRACTICES: Developing robust performance, communication, accountability and development practices in the team.

12 Topics are covered in the program:

  • Each component has 3 core topics.
  • Quick study - Each topic has an engaging 20-minute video.
  • Tools – Each topic has downloadable exercises and templates
  • On-line Access - video and the other content whenever you like it
  • Affordable and convenient
  • Additional monthly content delivered to your email inbox

Bonus: When you sign up you will receive two bonus free e-books from the Transformational Leadership series.

· Transformational Leadership – Build the Basics

· Transformational Leadership – Become a Coaching Leader

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I am proudly offering a 100%, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase Team Leader Accelerator today.

It goes without saying that if you don’t think the training is right for you or you don’t think you’re going to be able to be successful with it, I WANT to refund you.

If you have questions, please ask anything during the term of the program. If you are having trouble implementing any of of the techniques I’m more than happy to lend a hand.


Benefit 1 - Investing in your growth helps the team

Each core lesson is 20 minutes. Short enough to do it in a spare moment or when travelling.

By investing just a little time each week in Turbocharge your Team, you can prevent situations that zap the team’s belief and potential. It’s an investment that pays off with a team that’s more engaged, more focused, and more aligned.

Benefit 2 - Saves you Time and Wasted Effort

Stop going it alone and save yourself time and angst. Why struggle when many others have learnt the hard way. Be teachable and fast track your results by listening to those who have failed and learnt the hard way (me)

Benefit 3 – Stop Over and Under Functioning

Help you identify where you are over and under functioning as a team leader. Many team leaders are functioning in such a way that they are disempowering their people. They are often afraid that if they give all the ‘technical’ roles away that they will be of no use to the team or the organisation. Some leaders are under functioning. They aren’t providing the leadership needed for the team to succeed.

Benefit 4 - Reduce your stress

Have you ever been awake at night thinking about a meeting you have the next day and wondering how to approach it? Or maybe you simply wonder if you are doing a good job that the team appreciates. Maybe you have been embroiled with a difficult personality and been at a loss about how to reduce or limit the damage they are doing in the team.

This program helps you identify and develop strategies to deal with these things.

Benefit 5 - Engage the Team at a higher level

When the teams sees and experiences your growth as a leader they will be even more willing to engage to help you in the process of creating a high performing team.

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