This program is designed to give people the mindsets that lead to successful self-leadership.

It is unsettling to me that many organisations are still looking to capture the perfect leadership competency and development model. The expectation is that the right skills can be developed for the right situation.

Many people are operating under the belief that the right skills help leaders execute the plan. Like all things, there is some truth to this notion. But, there are contradictions for every situation. A move that was logical yesterday might be illogical today as a result of rapid change. Consistent leadership practices are only valuable in consistent climates, which is virtually nonexistent today.

For today’s leaders, mindset development must come before skill-set development. We all operate with certain mindsets. These mindsets will determine where we focus, the questions we ask, and the way we perform activities. We are generally unaware of how our mindsets are impacting us and how it impacts our results.


Explore 5 Transformational Leadership Mindsets:

1. Above and Below the Line Thinking

2. Focus is Everything

3. Taking Control of Your Interpretations

4. Embracing the Unfamiliar

5. Language Creates our Experiences

This is a personal development course that is experiential, stretching and sets people up to lead themselves towards success.


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

· Identify the key mindsets that lead to success

· Identify which mindsets they already have and struggle with

· Develop skills to install the success mindsets in their everyday life

For more information or to book this course please email Craig Farmer - craig@transformleader.com.au