Leadership coaching unlocks a leader’s potential to maximise his or her own performance. It helps them learn faster because it is tailored to them and their situation.

One on one or group coaching for senior leaders or high potential emerging leaders is available from our International Coaching Federation accredited coaches. Each with thousands of hours of coaching experience.

We have 3 levels of coaching packages:

1. Emerging Leadership Coaching

For the newer leader who is wanting to get ready to lead or who has been promoted within the last 2 years. Read more...

2. Senior and Executive Leadership Coaching

This service is about helping experienced and competent leaders who either are aware of an area they want to develop further or want to accelerate their development and capacity overall. Read more...

3. Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team coaching is for a leadership team which wants to learn how to be more productive together. Things don’t need to be bad for a team to engage in leadership team coaching, you just need to know that things could be better, there is room for improvement.

For the leader who has a team or teams they are leading and they want to learn how to create high performing teams. Great for middle managers and others who have to learn to be more strategic, increase their ability to influence others and have one or two areas they have identified which they want to improve in.  Read more...

Coaching is not the process of telling but asking powerful questions to unlock understanding and insights. Because all of our coaches are brilliant leaders in their own right and experts on human behaviour you will receive many insights and new learnings.

Coaching also enables you to go further fast as someone is there to help you embed the learning and hold you accountable for the decisions and actions you have committed too.

"Having a job that deals with people on a regular basis requires skills that I felt I did not have.

Dealing with difficult people and being assertive when necessary.

Since beginning my coaching with Craig I have not only gained the skills I set out to achieve but so much more.

I have been able to reduce my stress levels at work, be more confident in myself as an individual and my position in the workplace. All of these skills I have been able to carry over into my personal life.

Craig is so easy to talk to and understand. He makes things make sense. I don’t know how many light bulb moments I had during our sessions, but there were quite a few.

I can honestly say for the first time since I don’t know when I feel a sense of calm about my work and my life."

Tanya Jones, Region Learning & Development Officer, State Emergency Service, NSW​

How Transformational Leadership Coaching will help you!

You hold within yourself unique, innate qualities and abilities that contribute to YOUR success and life fulfilment.

By having your own Leadership Coach you will accelerate and enhance your ability to:

  • Focus on your strengths
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Increase knowledge and implementation of business principles
  • Achieve desired goals and outcomes
  • Maximise success and fulfilment
  • Discover how to think and act in ways that serve you
  • Develop strategies that will increase your business.

It is a conversation like no other. It is a conversation with someone who is not concerned with their own agenda, but who wants to focus wholly on you. You will get resources that will set you up for life and help you make the changes that you have always wanted. No issue is too small or too hard.

It’s Official – Leadership Coaching is more effective than training

In the first longitudinal study of its kind, PhD student Fran Finn, is undertaking a three year research study of the effectiveness of coaching versus training, in a large public sector organisation in Queensland. In the study one group of leaders, had individual coaching for a year, whilst the control group continued with their normal training programs.

The pre and post 360 degree feedback results indicate that after only one year of leadership coaching the Leaders being coached outperformed the Leaders who simply received training on 4 out of 5 measures. The research, measurement and feedback was based on the model of Transformational Leadership.

Leadership coaching outcomes

Coaching will enable the participants to become more:

  • Self aware
  • Flexible in their leadership styles
  • Confident
  • Effective in their communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Strategic in their thinking
  • Focused on key high leverage activities.

Why Leadership Coaching Is Effective

It is a commonly accepted fact that even the most gifted sports people need the support and help of a coach in order to reach their peak performance. This is equally true for those wishing to excel in leadership. The right coach can help fast track your leaders to maximising their potential.

Transformational coaching and leadership training will equip your leaders to be the people and leaders you need them to be in order to take your organisation towards your goals. It’s about challenging limitations in thinking and behaviour, forging new leadership strategies and skills.

Coaching is a catalyst, an agent of change. Transformational coaching is a custom-made partnership, tailored to the needs and goals that your organisation has.