Transform Leaders focuses primarily on two things: Building Leaders and Empowering Teams.

Craig Farmer is Founder and Managing Director of Transform Leaders Pty Ltd

Craig started this company because he knew what it was like to be in a leadership role and not feel confident. At age 29 Craig took on the leadership of a not-for-profit organisation. He didn’t feel ready for the complexity, pressure or pace, but the Board disagreed.

As a new executive leader Craig had lots of gaps in his knowledge and skills and went searching for answers. There were too few of them that were practical and helpful. He studied, read, and interviewed lots and lots of other leaders to get real-world solutions to leadership problems. It took a lot of time, trial and error, and effort over many years.

From these difficult beginnings Craig is passionate about building leaders who have confidence, clarity and courage to lead. As a leader goes, so goes the team. However leading and empowering a team skilfully is an art form all of its own.


To become the trusted authority for leaders in developing healthy teams, especially among the community services sector.


· Optimistic about people

· Serving people

· Committed to growth

Craig Farmer has been involved in leadership of organisations for over 20 years.

He has degrees in Social Sciences and Theology, Diploma of Coaching, Honours Diploma in Ministry, and Cert. IV of Business. Craig is also an accredited NLP practitioner.

Craig has vast experience in Leadership, Training, Public Speaking, Leadership Coaching, Supervision, Counselling, Consulting, and Mentoring in various setting and organisations.

Craig has consulted and conducted training with many businesses, government departments and not-for-profit groups

Craig's training centres around the issues of leadership development, team development, organisational health, change management, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and vision development.

Craig is also a keynote speaker and presenter and has given keynote presentations nationally and internationally with outstanding results.

Craig is a trainer on subjects such as: developing high performing teams, leadership development, conflict resolution, change management, creative problem solving and emotional intelligence.

Craig’s workshops are energetic, creative, informative and leave a lasting change in the participants.

The consulting work Craig has conducted has included developing organisational strategic plans, organisational board development, strategic reviews and planning, staff mediation and performance reviews.

Craig also conducts leadership coaching with a variety of leaders including executive Leaders and developing leaders. Coaching initiatives are tailored to each person’s focus and needs. Craig is currently coaching leaders within a wide range of industries, such as the emergency services, water industry and other government sector, not-for-profit sector and manufacturing businesses.

Craig is known for his wisdom, wide-ranging knowledge on human nature, leadership expertise, humour, energetic and creative style, personable nature and integrity.

"Craig Farmer has worked with our company for some year now undertaking various consultancy roles. He has worked with our Board of Directors in producing the Board Handbook, undertaking the Board Skills Audit and for the past two cycles has facilitated the Ecclesia Housing Ltd and previously Churches Housing Inc’s Strategic Planning processes.

Craig has undertaken senior staff performance appraisals with written reports to the CEO as well as successfully mediating conflict issues between senior staff. Craig has facilitated a number of training sessions for our company including communications and conflict management training. He also facilitated the “Strength Deployment Inventory” in May 2012 with our staff.

Craig displays a unique understanding of the issues faced by workers and management alike and manages the training sessions by providing a safe environment for the participants while ensuring that he allows open and honest interaction between participants. My

Staff and Directors have provided me with comprehensive positive feedback regarding Craig’s abilities as a facilitator, his skill level with content and his professionalism in managing potentially difficult situations.

I recommend Craig Farmer from Transform Leaders to you knowing that if it is your intention to use his services you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of his work and that your staff will benefit greatly from his expertise and genuine fun personality."

Dr Judy Banko, CEO, Ecclesia Housing Ltd.​

To find out more about how Craig can help your organisation please email